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Free Short Wednesday: Jordon Pond

This is Creative Nonfiction from a dear friend and former student, Sharon Heady Labansky. Please enjoy getting lost in her lovely depiction of an afternoon of reckoning with nature, the future, the past, and self. Jordon Pond Overlooking Jordon Pond she stood there breathless.  She wasn’t breathless from climbing 790 feet to the summit.  She …

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Free Short: Kissing Party

Kissing Party By Benjamin Joseph Kowalsky I don’t remember the specific details my first kiss; I remember its circumstances. I was 12 years old, just turned. My mom had a friend who had two daughters, one a year older than me and one a year younger than me, named Becca and Avery respectively. Becca, I’m …

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New Update: Writers Talk Podcast

This Just in, Julianna Baggott will be our first interviewee on our podcast “Writers Talk.”  Look for the podcast early during the week of January 16, 2012.

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Come On Out Tonight to Support Billtown Blue Lit!

My winter cold and sinus difficulty hit a bit early this year, so I’ve spent the last two days sniffling and largely ignoring my adult obligations, rescheduling meetings, etc. I’m back from the nearly dead today, operating at about 85%. So this is late news, but news nonetheless: Please come check out Billtown Blue Lit …

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What a Writer is Really Supposed To Do: PDB

One week ago, after the rush and thrill of sending The Conjure Man out into the world, I finally had a sense that I could now finish some of the other books I’ve started. It was a sense of coming full circle, not to the end of something, but rather the beginning again. Each new …

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Responding to What We Read, guest post by Peter Damian Bellis

Peter Damian Bellis has become a great friend to Billtown Blue Lit.  This is the first of his series of posts that will go live Tuesdays.  These describe his process as a writer and as a reader or consumer of literature and literary experiences.  For the last several months I have been on the road …

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Billtown Blue Lit Press Release

This is what I sent to the local papers.  But then I read this (thanks Jane Friedman!), and learned that I did it wrong.  So I’ll be drafting a new one, in third person, with more razzmatazz to send off to NPR and Oprah, but the info’s good, and it outlines some of the goals …

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Who We Are, What We’re Doing

I’m April Line.  I’m a regular person with a pile of ambition, a reasonable amount of imagination, and a passion for literary fiction. I live in a terrific town.  Williamsport, PA.  There is a HUGE amount of art and culture here.  Seriously.  Check out this, and this, and this, and this.  There’s a ton more, …

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