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Our Pilot Event will be January 27, 2012 at Grey Gallery!

Billtown Blue Lit will hold its pilot event on January 27 at Grey Art Gallery, at 140 W. Fourth St., Williamsport, PA.  The event begins at 7:00 p.m. Billtown Blue Lit is a new organization whose goal is to increase visibility of good literature through community, to support local and regional business, and ultimately to …

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Language, the role of the writer, and the Transmedia Experience: PDB

The other day I ran across an example of story Hemingway used when he wanted to explain the concept “less is more.” The story, and I call it a story, is only six words, and these words are not fancy words, but the emotion this tiny story conveys is almost overwhelming. This is the story. …

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Introducing Blogger Peter Damian Bellis,

Here’s an address from Peter Damian Bellis.  Download a copy of his latest book here for free.  These posts will go up on Tuesdays, and Peter will read at our pilot reading in late January 2012.  He is a good friend to Billtown Blue Lit, and we’re excited to be presenting these posts, originally posted …

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