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Book Review: The History of My Body

The thing that struck me most about Sharon Heath’s The History of My Body is the deep authenticity of the protagonist’s voice. The story is told in first person by Fleur Robins–daughter of an extravagantly wealthy fundamentalist nutjob politician father and alcoholic mother–who, at first, exhibits signs of being touched neurologically (never officially diagnosed, her disengaged …

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Writers Talk Podcast with Debra Brenegan

Debra Brenegan is the author of Shame the Devil.  Visit her online at Enjoy our talk about writing, teaching, books, and social media.  Debra teaches at Westminster College in Fulton, MO.

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Writers Talk Podcast with Sharon Heath

Sharon Heath is the author of The History of My Body.  Look for a review here early in April. Read her blog at Enjoy her thoughts in our conversation about her dual lives as a Jungian Analyst and Writer, social media, and the future of publishing.  

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Review: My Memories of a Future Life by Roz Morris

My Memories of a Future Life is the first self-published book I’ve read cover-to-cover. It came out via Amazon’s Create Space in 2011. The premise is interesting, oozes potential.  A professional pianist, Carol, and her two-dimensionally homosexual flatmate, Jerry, stumble into using hypnosis as therapy.  Carol seeks to treat chronic pain that’s keeping her from …

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Book Review: Snakes

This is a beautiful book. I’m having a hard time saying anything else about it.  Beautiful is enough.  It is the only adequate word. I promised it to a friend, told her she should pass it on when she is done reading it.  But I do not want to part with it. I want to …

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Writers Talk Podcast with Collin Kelley

Collin Kelley is a literary suspense novelist.  Listen to our lively chat about process, the future of publishing and France.

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Writers Talk Podcast: Patricia Damery

In this podcast, Patricia Damery talks to us about her biodynamic farm, being a mother, and how it came to pass that only 20 years and a second career after she wrote Snakes did it wind up seeing the light of publishing. Patricia is a Jungian Analyst and writer living in the Napa Valley of …

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Blueprints for Building Better Girls by Elissa Schappell

I’m a little sad that my first book talk here at Blue Lit is not going to be the celebratory, hyperbolic praise fest I wanted it to be when I got this book for the holidays. I found out about Elissa Schappell when I was on Tin House’s website, looking at their writers’ retreat 2012 …

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Free Short: Evie

Public Domain Image Today’s story is a donation from Ramona DeFelice Long.  This is a delightful, funny piece.  Visit Ramona at Evie When my sister Evie finally left home, I was so glad. All last school year, it was nothing but drama drama drama. First, drama over Evie cutting school, and Evie’s new friends, …

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The Free Short day that wasn’t

Hello Again. Two things.  Only six more days to donate to our Start Some Good campaign.  Go forth.  Do this.  Here. By donating, you’ll allow us to continue and improve our Writers Talk Podcast, host more literary events, and help businesses like this one and this one. Another thing, please submit your own, and tell …

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