One last request

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These past few weeks have been a blur of exciting things for Billtown Blue Lit.  We’ve talked at Jane Friedman’s blog, been interviewed for Public Radio (it will air sometime next week.  Listen at 89.7 WVIA if you’re local.  It MAY stream at, started a podcast, organized a pilot event, etc.

Tonight, we’re hosting our pilot event at Grey Art Gallery (they’ve been generous to donate the space), and we’ve had an incredibly positive response to our podcast called Writers Talk. We’ve interviewed Julianna Baggott and Smoky Zeidel, and have about 4 additional interviews scheduled that should be live at our website before the campaign is over. In the podcast, we interview writers about their thoughts on the publishing industry, writing process, etc.
We have this blog, and guest bloggers.
And here are some things we’re working on:
  • Serious Reviews of Serious Fiction (The Writer-Critic Round Table)
  • More Podcasts! WEEEE!
  • An event at Camellia’s Sin Tea Parlor
  • Including Poetry in our mission.
  • Working with EveryDayFiction
Every single community organization we’ve reached out to has been enthusiastic and eager to help.
But the project will die without your help, and time is running out.  We’ve only got 11 days left to get the rest of the way to our tipping point!  Help us host some more excellent literary events, make more podcasts, engage more voices in this lively conversation, and shine a light on smart fiction!
We have only raised about $500 toward our tipping point, anything you can give would be greatly appreciated.   Every dollar is a step closer.
Visit our Start Some Good campaign to donate.  Here’s a link.  Or Copy/paste this URL:
Or click Contact/Donate above
If you can’t donate financially, please help spread the word by linking to our campaign or our blog, one of the free short stories on our website, or tweeting about us.
Thanks to those of you who’ve already pledged financial support, moral support, social media shout-outs, consultative support, stories or guest posts on our site, or given interviews for Writers Talk.
Warm Regards,
-April Line

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