Writers Talk Podcast with Smoky Zeidel

Smoky Zeidel is a free-spirited, environmentalist, reformed literati snob who spoke with us at 6:30 in the morning from the writing room of ramshackle cabin in the woods in Southern California.

Listen to the podcast to hear all about Smoky’s relationship with writing practice, nature, and contemporary publishing.

Visit Smoky Zeidel’s website at www.SmokyZeidel.wordpress.com, buy her books with the links there, or look her up Smashwords or Amazon.



  1. Very enoyable interview, Smoky.It’s fun to hear the voice of the version who words I usually see in print in books and on Facebook.


    • Smoky Zeidel

      Thank you, Malcolm. I’m glad you enjoyed April’s and my discussion.


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