Thank you for joining our community.

Hello friends.

Some of you have recently joined us.  We at Blue Lit Headquarters are working on partnerships with regional businesses as well as with other bloggers, and  We’re busy getting ready for our pilot event and last big fundraising push.

Our two main goals for 2012 are to Launch our reading series, and keep it going for 9 months straight, and to launch our online literary journal.

If you believe in our goal of increasing Literary Fiction’s visibility and market share, please help this cause by sharing this post and this site with everyone you know.  Send your friends to our podcast interview with Julianna Baggott, any of Marc Schuster’s excellent small press book reviews or his advice for fiction writers.  Send them to grab Peter Damian Bellis’s book, The Conjure Man for free. Or to read one of our free short stories.

If you’re in Central PA or even Southern NY, come out to our first event, January 27 at Grey Gallery.  Read about it here.

Follow us on Twitter and re-tweet our posts.  @BilltownBlueLit.

Like us on Facebook.

If you have questions or other ideas about how to get involved, please shoot us a note with the form at Contact/Donate, and go read our Interview with Marc Schuster. 

Share this post and any others of value on our site (there are many) via your social media of choice.  We’ve got links for Stumble, Reddit, Tumblr and more.  They’re as easy a clicking the icon at the bottom of this post.

And check out our fundraising campaign.  Send your friends there.  Time is running out.  We have fewer than 2 weeks left in our campaign, so the time is now.  You can get there by clicking “Contact/donate” above, or by clicking here.

What we need is for people to know about us and to come on board.  You’re here, so bring your friends.  And thanks for subscribing or stopping by.  We wouldn’t be us without you.

So above all else, thank you.


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