Billtown Blue Lit Press Release

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This is what I sent to the local papers.  But then I read this (thanks Jane Friedman!), and learned that I did it wrong.  So I’ll be drafting a new one, in third person, with more razzmatazz to send off to NPR and Oprah, but the info’s good, and it outlines some of the goals pretty clearly, if any of you are visiting for the first time today, or if you’re looking for more info about what, exactly, we aim to do!


Billtown Blue Lit runs Fundraising Campaign for New Literary Nonprofit

Billtown Blue Lit is a fledgling nonprofit organization, spearheaded by April Line, a local writer, whose mission is to get good, smart, literary fiction more cultural visibility.

We will do this by launching a series of events to be held in Williamsport that will bring in authors from around the country for readings, Q&As, and podcasts, and partner with local businesses for sponsorship, services, and vendors at the events.

These events will also have intentional and public advertising campaigns, running air spots on WVIA and other local radio, in newspapers, and in social media.

We will hire high-energy, tech-savvy interns to help with the marketing efforts.

The five-year plan for the organization is to offer an online (and small print run) literary journal, writing retreats, workshops/classes, a scholarship fund, and more.

The climate in the publishing industry has been turned on its head by the eReader phenomenon, social media (where anybody can build a platform), digital books, smart phones and tablets, and resultant lower costs to publish, produce and market.

It is our contention that it’s high time to reclaim a slice of this giant media pie for literary fiction, and help get its authors some press, visibility, and another venue, whose aim is to be very, very public in which to read, teach, and publish.

Billtown Blue Lit will intentionally partner with regional businesses to make this happen.  We will invite local/regional bakers, coffee mongers, and booksellers to pedal their wares at the events, and we will also partner with local/regional businesses to sponsor readings, marketing materials, etc.

Billtown Blue Lit is currently running a fundraising campaign at Start Some Good (.com).  Our campaign is running through February 2, 2012.  We’re hoping to hold our pilot reading by the end of January, and to hold our first big reading early in March.

Visit the campaign here:

Start Some Good is a crowdfunding platform that was developed to assist and promote social entrepreneurship.

We are accepting donations privately, too.  You can check out our website at  We’re also looking for board members, guest bloggers, people with legal and/or accounting expertise to assist with filing the 501 (c) 3, corporate sponsors, inexpensive venues, and lovers of literature to help us spread the word.

Like us on Facebook (Billtown Blue Lit), or follow us on twitter @BilltownBlueLIt.

Please contact April Line for additional information or for interviews.

570.478.0189 or


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