Billtown Blue Lit’s Excellent Journey

Hey Everybody!

So thanks again for all your support.  I’m writing today to provide a bulleted update of progress.

  • We have a meeting with the owner of the small press in Williamsport for early in the new year.  We’re hoping she’ll be able to help us with platform, funding, or partnership once we’re ready to do the literary journal.
  • Working on a presence at First Friday.  First choice is, of course, Otto.  But we haven’t talked to them yet, so it might not work, or they might be planning a different event.  We’ll be giving away CD copies of Peter Damian Bellis’s book, and maybe–if we can find a corporate or individual sponsor for $500–book marks.
  • Read an amazing article about crowdfunding campaigns.  Read it here.  Was both affirmed and enlightened.
  • Scored about 10 new guest blog posts from Peter Damian Bellis, plus permission to excerpt an essay from this great tips-about-writing book called Rules of Thumb.
  • Jane Friedman may be kind enough to post another essay by me that will both ask questions about book marketing, and bring folks here, to Billtown Blue Lit.  Here’s a link to the first one she ran on her blog.
  • Wrote first official board email.
  • Failed miserably at tweeting often enough.
  • We are so very energized about this project, and so glad you’re here to check this out.  Please visit again, soon, and send your friends.

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