Who We Are, What We’re Doing

I’m April Line.  I’m a regular person with a pile of ambition, a reasonable amount of imagination, and a passion for literary fiction.

I live in a terrific town.  Williamsport, PA.  There is a HUGE amount of art and culture here.  Seriously.  Check out this, and this, and this, and this.  There’s a ton more, but that’ll whet your appetite.

We also have a locally owned, independent bookstore, even after Borders went under.

So I got this great idea.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to offer a literary reading series in Williamsport?  Where published authors come to read, sign books, and answer questions.

This will benefit the community in multiple ways–it’ll bring money to local businesses, and it’ll bring fiction people might not hear about otherwise, and it’ll bring more dimension to our already thriving arts community.  It’ll benefit the literary fiction community with advertising, a paid venue that’s not in a big city, and a great little stop along the book tour road.

So the first, small step goal for Billtown Blue Lit is to host a reading series.

We need your help.  We’ll be launching a StartSomeGood campaign in the next few days.  That’s to raise funds.  But we also need you to tell your friends, all of them.

Other things we want to do?

-Start an online Literary Journal
-Create a Writer in Residence program
-Offer a writers’ retreat
-Start a book group
-Start a scholarship fund

There are lots more, too.  And we like ideas.  Do you have ideas?  Use the comments section.

Also, don’t get too used to looking at us like this.  We’re going to be hiring a graphic designer as soon as we get funded to give us a unique, blue look.

The name, Billtown Blue Lit came from all the cool little phrases that start or end with blue and that describe Williamsport–sometimes also called Billtown–and its people: true blue, blue plate, blue flame, blue collar, maybe less so blue blood, but I’m sure there’s some here somewhere.

Today, we named our first official board member: Jo Steadman of Freestyle Dancewear, who already has some great ideas and leads for partnerships, and a solid, small buisness network.  Thanks, Jo!  Welcome Aboard!


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